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Why Study Notes Are Crucial To Your Child’s Learning (*Free download)


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Is your child overwhelmed with the different topics, theories, concepts and formulas that they are learning in school? One way to aid them in their learning is by asking them to make study notes! Almost everyone, regardless of age, uses notes to help them take down pointers and use them as a form of “stored memory”.

When you pen down information into your notebook, you are less likely to forget about it and it will take less effort to recall back that piece of information when you want it. It allows for increased learning as it develops thinking, reasoning, imagining and remembering. This is why all smartphones have an app for note taking and all reporters always carry along a pen and notebook in an interview so that they will never miss out on a single thing. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why study notes can help improve your child’s academic performance in school.

#1 Naturally improves memory

Writing notes makes learning not only easier but fun for your child as well. The process forces them to summarise and interpret all the information in their “own language” which helps them to understand the context clearer. This is because 3 things are happening simultaneously while they are note-taking: reading, analysing and understanding. This process requires your child to think carefully about the points that should be considered “important” before writing them down. So, if your child were to do up a note on a science topic of plants, for example, they will be much more focused and have a clearer picture of that topic compared to just blankly reading the entire page over and over again without understanding a single word!

Study notes also stimulates that part of the brain which promotes learning and efficiency. Just like muscles in our body, the brain can also be trained to learn efficiently and effectively to better absorb new information.

#2 Improves organisational skills, creativity and promotes active learning

Preparing personalised study notes improves organization skills. By prioritizing content and organizing effectively in their own way, students develop key organisational strengths which is a vital skill to have. Students can also use their own creativity in designing their notes such as using markers and drawing images as these helps recalling simpler. Your child is also actively involved in the learning process thus giving it a purpose and increasing productivity by taking effective notes

#3 Summarizes Key Information

How can we revise all the concepts and topics learned during the entire year within a few days?

Textbooks are very bulky and almost impossible to be read in a day or two before the exams, but notes is a different story, it can be read in an hour as you have already summarized all the key important points into your notes and transformed it into a manageable size. By reading your notes over and over which holds all the key information only, it is twice as effective than to read your textbooks which contains too much information and distractors that will shift your focus away from the topic’s learning objective.

#4 Making the revision process faster

Study notes help keep track of all the information they have learned about a topic. It acts as a ready referral to go through during your preparation for exam. Many students would even use different coloured pens and highlighters which further stimulate their brain into remembering their points easier. Hence, during their preparation week, it just requires a quick revision to recall all that has been learned.

Notes make this process of recall easy. Students can easily revise the precise notes in a day or two. This helps one to recall all he/she has read and learned for the entire year. Once they identify the key question term/topic, they are quick to recall their entire material regarding that topic. This really quickens the process of revision and recall.

#5 Notes will benefit you in the long run

The best thing about notes taking is that it can be taken anywhere. Notes should be light and mobile so that your child can take it on-the-go. The purpose of note-taking is to make the learning process easier and faster. So, you would have all the information you need in the palms of your hands! Furthermore, note taking doesn’t stop at just the primary, secondary and even university level. It extends to the work industry where it will be a crucial and beneficial skill to have for your child. This is why its best to start now and build up your child’s habit of making study notes!

Click below for a free download of our BlueTree Science Notes Template!
We have designed a visually pleasant note-taking template for organised learning and revision. Your child can use it for note-taking or use it as a reference for creating their own personalised notes!

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