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Unlocking your child’s full potential – Be an active parent

As Joseph Schooling’s Olympic feat swept the nation, many people also came to know his parents- Colin and May Schooling. His parents have made Joseph the centre of the lives, supporting his every move and exuding unshakeable belief in his ability. The message sent by his parents to Joseph Schooling was very clear. His parents believed in him and they are always there for him.
As May Schooling said,” The passion stems from him… I did not push him…”
One of the most foremost things that drive giftedness in your child is that it must come within their heart and soul. It means the child must be self-motivated to pursue excellence in their work. Therefore it is always more effective to praise the EFFORT than the end results. You should catalyse on your child’s internal motivation and drive to unlock his/her potential.
Empowering your child to strive for his/her best is an intricate process.
Providing a responsive, safe and stimulating environment will allow your child to learn and develop his/her skills. Coupled with active parental involvement and parental love, this development can be multiplied within a short frame of time.
When parents supply complex and challenging activities e.g. puzzles in a safe and loving environment, children often rise up to the occasions and are more confident to try. They are less afraid of mistakes and are willing to look for creative solutions.
Invest time and effort to create opportunities for special moments with your child e.g. bedtime story-time, playing a sport together. Show your child that he/she can trust and depend on you so that in times of stress, your child would listen to your advice and look upon you for direction.
In order for your child to achieve his/her full potential, you must first identify what is unique about your child and develop that uniqueness. Observing your child at different situations and have regular conversations will allow you to find out your child’s talents and what he/she loves to do.