Secondary Math Tuition

Providing Thought-Stimulating Materials to Sustain Interest in Mathematics and
Empower our Students to Gain a Head Start in Mastery of Mathematical Concepts.









Looking For Secondary Math Tuition That Works?

At BlueTree Education, we focus on the development of critical thinking and reasoning skills, while building the Mathematical core concepts for our Secondary students.

Our Secondary Math Programme involves in-house specially designed materials to aid in the establishment of a strong foundation in the students’ fundamental techniques, higher-order thinking, and core mathematical concepts.

Our team of teachers is committed to stretch the students’ critical thinking in real-life applications and improve their academic performance. We believe in providing thought-stimulating materials to sustain their interest in Mathematics. Allow your child to gain a headstart in the mastery of Mathematical concepts with a curriculum that is carefully crafted to the scheme of work in school.

Key Elements Of The Programme

Proven Teaching Methodology To Ensure Understanding

Students are given ample time to do questions in which the teacher will go through step by step. This allows students to understand what goes on in each mathematical step presented which raises the understanding of concepts and abstract ideas that is being taught. By doing so, students are then able to present mathematical ideas on paper more clearly and concisely so as to achieve academic excellence.

Constant Exposure To Practice Papers & Exam Type Questions

Revision papers are given in a timely manner to cater to assessment schedules in schools to ensure that each child gets ample time to revise through the contents taught by practicing more. Differentiated learning is also tailored through ample amount of different level-tiered questions given in the practice papers so as to suit any child of any level of ability. Students are exposed to non – routine questions, giving them opportunity to think critically which is aligned with the new O’Level and N’Level trends.

Nurturing & Highly Experienced MOE Teachers

Teachers strive to provide a positive learning environment to inculcate positive attitudes and confidence towards Mathematics by giving progressive and positive feedback to each student. Secondary school is also not all work no play, breaks are often given to ensure that each child is not overly stressed out due to the increment in difficulty level from primary school.

Our Secondary Math Specialist Teachers

Our teachers know exactly what’s expected of a student and the skills and knowledge that every student should be equipped with, to do well in their next exams.

We’ve been teaching for the past 20 years in our professional careers as educators and we have marked revision and exam papers for a decade. We have pored over hundreds of exam papers from 100 different secondary schools and O’level papers for the past decade.

We have then created our own lessons materials that is aimed on building subject-specific content knowledge and exam-ready skills. Lessons are also tailored to suit any child of any ability so as to ensure that they are able to handle the rigour and complexity of secondary school content, which is vastly different from primary school, with the help of our materials.