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Primary Gifted Education Program (GEP)
Advanced Math & Science

Challenge Your Child’s Thinking, Broaden Their Horizons









Gain higher-order thinking skills and creative problem-solving.

The Gifted Education Programme (GEP) is a highly selective academic programme with a syllabus that may differ from the mainstream curriculum. Allow your child to achieve his or her fullest potential with our Primary Math and Science GEP materials that are specially designed and curated by our GEP trained teachers here at BlueTree Education.

Our Gifted Education Programme allows in-depth and intense involvement in the student’s area of interest and materials that are not commonly taught in schools. Catering to the intellectually gifted children, this programme will be packed with suitable collaborative activities to achieve a high degree of mental stimulation. The GEP Programme extends the learning of our students beyond textbooks and challenges their thinking appropriately.

Here at BlueTree Education, we use a learner-centered approach that emphasizes higher order thinking skills and creative problem-solving for our Primary Math and Science GEP. Our students will be exposed to commonly-tested topics and exam questions besides being exposed to a series of thought-provoking processes needed to analyze questions effectively. They will also be introduced to our signature answering techniques that will address the different components of each subject paper (problem sums and open-ended questions)

Key Elements Of The GEP / Advance Programme

Effective And Proven Answering Techniques

Abstract higher-order thinking skills and concepts are instilled into our students through giving them different aplication questions that caters to different students of varying academic abilities. By doing so, it develop their inclination to think intellectually when given various mathematical and reasoning problems.

Exposure to varying level of difficulty

Each week, there will be an increment in level of difficulty in terms of questions given to students to increase their ability in problem solving. By slowly exposing them to a wide array of questions, it teases their analytical and reasoning skills. The wide exposure gives out students a competitive edge over others.

Highly Experienced MOE Teachers

Our teachers are highly trained in MOE syllabus as well as teaching GEP students and have at least 3 years of teaching experience in schools. Our teachers have come together and designed structured lessons and created relevant materials to help your child gain subject and content mastery.

S.O.L.V.E. Technique

Gain Mastery in GEP Math

Our in-house specially designed materials focus on helping the students to build a strong foundation in logic and numeracy and excel in their school examinations. Our curriculum engages the 21st century students fully with differentiated pedagogies and challenging problems. Mathematical concepts are learnt using our unique teaching and learning strategies and signature techniques (S.O.L.V.E).

It is suitable for any student who wants to achieve a certain level of mastery in Mathematics and wants a meaningful curriculum. It also enables students to acquire the necessary Mathematical concepts and skills and develop good cognitive and metacognitive skills.

Our GEP Specialist Teachers

Our teachers know exactly what’s expected of a student and the skills and knowledge that every student should be equipped with, to do well in their next exams.

We’ve been teaching for the past 20 years in our professional careers as educators and we have marked PSLE papers for a decade. We have pored over hundreds of exam papers from 100 different primary schools and PSLE papers for the past decade.

Under our professional guidance, the Academic Acceleration Programme™ will help your child save plenty of time & hard-work from trying to do what 80% of the primary school students are doing – traditional studying practices that are outdated and time-consuming!



P5 GEP Maths

Whole numbers . Fractions . Decimals . Ratio . Percentage . Volume . Area of Triangle . Rate . Patterns & Non Routine Questions

Revision of P5 mainstream topics learnt in P4 GEP
Average & Angles

Lessons include revision and teaching of new heuristics for problem solving.

Preparation for Investigation papers 1&2
Preparation for Common Tests and End of the Year Exams for the year


P5 Math New Topics are as follows

Ratio . Percentage . Angles . Volume . Average . Rate . Patterns & Non Routine Questions

P1 to P4 Topics include

Whole Numbers . Fractions . Decimals . Area and Perimeter . Angles and Lines

Weekly lesson comprises of revision of P1-P4 Maths Topics as well as teaching of New P5 Topics and Problem Solving Heuristics.

BlueTree aims to prepare your child for exams with exam preparation 2-3 weeks in advance.


P6 GEP/ ADVANCE mainstream class is suitable for high ability pupils who are both in the mainstream in GEP.

The focus of the lesson is to prepare the pupils for the schools’ exams/ GEP CT as well as the PSLE. The topics will be taught at an accelerated pace and all P6 topics will be completed by end of May.

P6 Math New Topics are as follows: Circles . Nets . Speed . Pie Chart

Weekly lesson comprises of revision of P1-P5 Maths Topics as well as teaching of New P6 Topics and Problem Sums Heuristics.

Register early to avoid disappointment!


Topics include
Forces . Energy . Conversion of Energy . Adaptations . Man’s Impact and his environment

Syllabus will be completed before the Mid Year Examinations.

There will be revision of P3 to P5 Science Topics in addition to the teaching of New P6 Science Topics.

From June onwards, BlueTree will prepare your child for intensive revision for the upcoming Prelims & PSLE.


  • If your child faces challenges in understanding concepts … then yes!
  • If your child understands subjects… questions but cannot use the right strategy to answer … then yes!
  • If your child often gets incomplete marks for exam questions… then yes!
  • If your child has been learning diligently and still cannot score higher …then yes!
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