Bluetree Education Group

Online Lessons

Live Online Lessons with our Teachers
From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Key Elements of BlueTree's
Online Lessons

Permanent Online Classes that will run throughout the year

Interactive and engaging live lessons with our BlueTree teachers

Study in the comfort of your own home

Lessons are conducted through Zoom

Lesson content and pace is the same as our regular physical lessons at the centres

Lesson materials will be accessible through Google Classroom

Why Choose Virtual Classes
with BlueTree?

Recorded Lessons for Replay

Virtual lessons are all recorded and will be uploaded onto Google Classroom and available for replay for students’ self-recap. Your child can watch and listed to the entire session again at any time.


Access the online classroom from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with access to excellent internet connection.

Active Participation and Learning Engagement

Students can view the teacher’s whiteboard or presentation clearly on their computer screens, unlike being in a physical classroom where they might be too far from the whiteboard. Students can actively participate by typing their comments or questions in the chat box without interrupting the teacher each time.

Save Time and Money

No need to travel physically to the centre and your child will have more time to rest and prepare for lessons.


  • If your child is self-disciplined and able to focus without much supervision ...then yes!
  • If your child faces challenges in understanding concepts … then yes!
  • If your child understands subjects… questions but cannot use the right strategy to answer … then yes!
  • If your child often gets incomplete marks for exam questions… then yes!
  • If your child has been learning diligently and still cannot score higher …then yes!
Conducting Science Experiments for online class
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