Bluetree Education Group

Primary Tuition

Primary Math

We ensure that the students will attain competence in Mathematics by honing their critical thinking, in-depth analysis and logical reasoning skills through our 4-steps S.O.L.VE technique that stretches them to their fullest potential.

Primary Science

Our lessons allow our students to build a strong academic foundation in Science and have a better presentation of their answers by instilling in them critical thinking, logical reasoning and assumption through our enriching 3-step A.B.C technique.

GEP Math & Science

We offer programmes for GEP students which is specially designed by our GEP trained teachers that gives the students a competitve edge over others through higher-order thinking questions that stimulates their analysis and reasoning skills.

Secondary Tuition

Secondary Math

Our Secondary Math Programme teaches our students to be able to concisely present Mathematical arguments as well as learning to tackle difficult questions with ease through our step-by-step teaching style. Constant feedback and timely practice papers also allows our students to improve their results and learn time management.

Secondary Science

Our Secondary Science Programme focuses on the development of conceptual thinking and reasoning skills, that is honed through our regular revision papers and hands-on sessions. Higher order thinking skills is also instilled in our students by allowing them to practice questions testing them on interrelated topics.

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