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Tackling the 3 Common Questions on Matter!

Matter is a common topic that typically comes out in Booklet A of the science exam paper. 

In the course of studying the topic Matter in their science classes, your child will very likely come across these 3 common questions from the topic that may be tested in exams. 

1. Measuring the volume of solids

Matter questions often require the student to measure the volume of solids. Here’s an example. 

In this question, students are presented with a scenario in which a plasticine’s volume is measured prior to and after its shape has changed. Students are expected to provide the accurate volume of the solid after its deformation and support the answer with an explanation.

Many students are often confused by this question because they associate change in shape with change in volume. Furthermore, since the solid is broken into more pieces, they would usually think that the volume also increases.

Watch the video below on how to analyse this question!


2. Comparing the properties of solids, liquids and gas

The next one is another common question that tests the student’s understanding on the different properties of different matter.

In order to tackle this question effectively, students need to understand the properties of the three different matter states (concept) and weave it into a well thought-out explanation involving their Answer of choice, Backing the answer with evidence and supporting it with the correct Concept (BlueTree’s Signature ABC technique).

3. Real-life application question relating Matter

For the last question of the day, we will be looking through a real life application question that is designed to test the student’s ability to apply his/her book knowledge to real life scenarios.

This question involves a real-life scenario that you may have encountered at home. Students are presented with 2 set-ups – a can of condensed milk with one hole on the top and another can of condensed milk with two holes on the top. Students need to from which can would the condensed milk flow out more quickly and why.

This question involves the concept of displacement. To displace means to occupy the space that was previously occupied by another object/matter. In this question, air enters the can through the hole(s) on the can and displaces the milk within.

Click on the video below to see how the question is analysed and the answer crafted!

That is all we have for today! I hope that these videos will help your child to better tackle these common questions.

See you in the our next post!

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