Upper Primary Math Workbook [Fraction, Ratio & Percentage] for Primary 5 & 6 (PSLE-Compliant)

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Prepare your child for PSLE Math success with our PSLE Math Workbook focusing on Fraction, Ratio & Percentage. Tailored for Primary 5 and 6 students, this workbook is crafted to reinforce essential mathematical concepts aligned with the Singapore Ministry of Education syllabus.

Key Highlights:

1️⃣ Comprehensive Coverage of critical PSLE Topic: Specifically focusing on essential topics such as Fractions, Ratios, and Percentages, these cards are designed to enhance your child’s confidence in mastering these crucial mathematical concepts.

2️⃣ Practice Questions: Abundant practice questions with varying difficulty levels provide a progressive learning experience, catering to students of different proficiency levels.

3️⃣ Step-by-Step Solutions: Detailed, step-by-step solutions accompany each question, guiding students through problem-solving processes and reinforcing the correct methodologies.

4️⃣ Exam-Style Questions: Mimics the format of PSLE Math exams, offering students a chance to familiarize themselves with the question types and structure they’ll encounter during the actual examination.

5️⃣ Progress Tracking: Allows students to gauge their progress through self-assessment, building confidence and competence in tackling Fraction, Ratio & Percentage problems.

Prepare your child for PSLE success with our targeted Math Workbook. It’s a valuable resource for consolidating knowledge, honing problem-solving skills, and ensuring readiness for the challenges of the PSLE Math examination.

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4 reviews for Upper Primary Math Workbook [Fraction, Ratio & Percentage] for Primary 5 & 6 (PSLE-Compliant)

  1. Karen

    Helps us to understand the different types of problem sums for fractions and ratios. The questions were enough for basic practice and some are quite challenging but the solutions are easy to follow. My child also learnt some tips on how to solve these problem sums.

  2. Lisa Tay

    My child is weak in fraction, ratio and percentage when they form a big portion of the SA2 paper. And did not score very well for math sa2. My child found this book very helpful, it explains how to solve problem sums.

  3. Mrs Lim

    Useful book to have as a daily practice for PSLE. Solutions are easy to follow and there are some tips given on solving common problem sums.

  4. Li-Li Tan

    Heard of amazing reviews about the book from my friend and wanted to grab a copy. Hope that you will do a reprint soon so that I can order it! Oh ya, as well as the math flashcards as well. Thanks!

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