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Parents' Testimonies

Congratulations on the recent publication of your Keywords Book. Keywords Book has an excellent explanation/tips and it is easy for kids to understand. Thanks again for such uplifting keywords and I look forward to your next publication. Please share it with me when it comes out.

Sylvia Loh

Just to let you know the keyword books are very useful ! Dylan really uses them on structuring his booklet B answers. The topics are also clearly organised so Dylan finds it easy to refer.

Mrs Tay

Recently we bought the P5 & P6 keyword books. We like how compact the books are so we can bring them everywhere we go . Chloe will highlight the words and write them in her revision notes which really helps her to understand the concepts

Chloe’s Mother

About Us

To nurture each child to be a thinker, learner and achiever.

BlueTree Education is the leading enrichment & tuition centre in Singapore. Here, we have one mission in mind: To inspire and nurture every student to the best they can be. Our curriculum is designed not only with academic excellence in mind; we want every child to acquire the core thinking skills of thinking critically, inventively, and reflectively as their foundation for learning. In other words, here at BlueTree Education, we think to learn; we learn to think.

Leveraging on our in-house, research-backed curriculum, we have successfully managed to help many students to achieve academic success and improvements. Beyond academic excellence, we inculcate a deep love of learning through our 3E approach and has transformed thousands of students into motivated learners