Primary Science

Digestive System

What is the Digestive System?

All living things need the energy to grow and survive! And among them, many consume food and break it for the body to absorb. This process is called digestion and the digestive system helps with that. 

The digestive system helps to break down food into simpler substances. These in turn will get absorbed into the bloodstream and transported by the circulatory system to all parts of the body for respiration to release energy.

The organs that make up the digestive system are: 

  • mouth,
  • gullet,
  • stomach,
  • small intestines,
  • large intestines,
  • rectum 
  • anus.

Some fun facts about the digestive system:

  1. The average person produces about 1 litre of saliva every day. You may be surprised to know that is as much as 2 cans of soda!

  2. Do you know that your fart is made up of fermented bacteria that is mixed with air? No wonder it smells bad!

  3. You can eat upside down because your gullet contracts and relaxes so as to push the food into your stomach. However, please don’t try this!

  4. Your stomach has a layer of mucus inside to protect itself from digestive juices. Your stomach will literally digest itself without the mucus. 

Download our Digestive System cheatsheet here!


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