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BlueTree Education is the leading enrichment & tuition centre in Singapore. We aim to nurture each child to be a thinker, learner, and achiever. Our curriculum is designed not only with academic excellence in mind; we want every child to acquire the core thinking skills of thinking critically, inventively, and reflectively as their foundation for learning. In other words, here at BlueTree Education, we think to learn; we learn to think.

Our Unique Tailored Approach: In-House, Research-Backed Curriculum

Leveraging on our in-house, research-backed curriculum, we have successfully managed to help many students to achieve academic success and improvements. At BlueTree Education, we help your child master their foundation and equip them with our signature exam answering techniques. Beyond academic excellence, we inculcate a deep love of learning through our 3E approach and have transformed thousands of students into motivated learners.

Curriculum Infused with Elements of Critical Thinking

Our differentiated teaching strategies and small-class sizes facilitate a learning environment that supports a thinking culture where students gain confidence and pride in their work.

BlueTree Education is the best Education Centre that I have come across. All of the teachers there are simply amazing. My son enjoyed his lessons with Tr Jo, Tr Faith, Tr Sherlyn, Tr Chloe and others. The teachers took special care, especially in the PSLE period to build up the children’s self esteem and mental health. I’m thankful for the coaching and support provided to my son. I know that he will definitely do well.
Anesha Begum - BlueTree Parent
Whenever I step into the classrooms of Bluetree, I feel a surge of dynamic energy from the students and teachers. The teachers at Bluetree are not only fun, but engaging in the classes, I always look foward to going to class which is something I thought I would never say. Before I joined Bluetree, my math grades were pathetic and abysmal. However through the friendly and approachable teachers, my grades drastically improved, this gave me more confidence in myself whenever I was doing math. I would like to thanks Tr Faith and Tr Nicolle for teaching me.
Aidan Sim - BlueTree Student
Thank you Bluetree teachers for your hard work in supporting my children as they develop. Your dedication and expertise in teaching has put my mind at ease. Teachers require so many positive qualities like care, compassion, patience and commitment and Bluetree have all these qualities in abundance. I am so grateful that you have a strong team of teachers. Special thanks to Tr Faith, Tr Jolene, Tr Sherlyn, Tr Huilin, Tr Nicolle, Tr Chloe, Tr Fabian, Tr Leanne, Tr Graham, Tr Xuan Ming throughout these 2 years when my children are in your MAP / PPC / regular lessons. I truely appreciate all of you. Thank you.
Daphne Tan - BlueTree Parent

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