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Navigating the NEW PSLE/Primary Science Syllabus (2024 Edition): A Parent’s Guide

Are you a parent feeling a bit uncertain about the changes in the PSLE/Primary Science syllabus for 2024? You’re not alone! We understand that these changes can be a source of concern for both parents and students.

The 2024 edition brings significant adjustments, with a more structured topic sequence. This new approach seeks to provide a solid foundation in practical Science knowledge, ensuring students are well-equipped with essential real-life skills and insights from an early age. But what does this mean for you as a parent? Let’s delve into the details and clarify any doubts you may have.

What are the changes in the NEW PSLE/Primary Science Syllabus


Starting in 2023, Primary 3 students enrolled in the Primary School Science curriculum will be presented with an updated syllabus, featuring a fixed order of topics for Science. This marks a departure from the previous syllabus structure, which saw topics being shared between P3 & P4 in the lower block, and P5 & P6 in the upper block respectively.

The revised Science Curriculum Framework by MOE aims to equip students with a strong foundation in Science for practical use in their lives [in short, they want the students to learn real-life skills and knowledge].

The vision for Science Education in Singapore is represented by the three “IN”s – Inspire, Inquire, and Innovate. Achieving this vision involves building students scientific knowledge, instilling essential scientific practices, and nurturing core values aligned with the discipline. Through this 3 “IN” approach, MOE schools aim to nurture generations of curious and innovative thinkers [ Very much like our BlueTree mission statement – Thinkers, Learners, Achievers! ]

The updated PSLE/ Primary Science curriculum is designed around 3 “INs”.


Inspired by Science:

Students enjoy learning Science and are fascinated by the deep connections between real-life problems and Science. In turn, this inspires better problem solving skills.

Inquire like Scientists:

The art of Scientific inquiry is ingrained into the Science classrooms so every student can evaluate claims and ideas critically, based on logical scientific evidence and arguments confidently.

Innovate using Science:

Students apply Science to generate creative solutions to solve real-world problems, and be keen to pursue careers in STEM.

The main changes in the syllabus will affect P3 (2023) largely as their curriculum will focus on linking evidence in a question to the explanation. Before 2023, questions are mostly recall, knowledge-based and Primary 3 questions are seldom testing application or explanation questions. The 3 main process skills continue to take centre stage: observing, classifying and comparing.

These would be the fixed topics taught in P3 and P4 Science.


These changes will go a long way for current P3 students as all students in Singapore would be learning a fixed order of topics and the terms ‘lower’ and ‘upper’ block would no longer apply from this cohort onwards. Science is also a new subject to the Primary 3 students and though Science is a fun and very hands-on subject, the content is heavy. Students are encouraged to read more Science books and magazines and learn to expand their Science vocabulary consistently.

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