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PSLE Insiders 3 tips on how to give your child an edge in their academic life

PSLE Insider: Give your child an edge in their academic life

Former American boxer Mike Tyson once said, “I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.” As kiasu Singaporean parents, we want to inspire and empower our kids to “reach for the stars”. Which is why, on top of holistic development, it is normal for us as parents to place a heavy emphasis on our kid’s academic performance. For this same reason, we want to empower our children to ace their PSLE exams and get into top Secondary Schools.

We are not here to give you a fixed recipe on how to guarantee your child’s success. There isn’t a single sure-win formula for that. However, there seems to be a few things you can do as parents to give them an edge in their academic life.

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PSLE Insider: 3 Tips on How to Raise an Academically Successful Child:

1. Do not push too hard… or too little.

This is one huge dilemma of parenting. When it comes to encouraging your child to “do better”, exactly how much pressure is too much?

In your desire for academic excellence, have you ever felt like you may have pressured your child too hard? Or sometimes, do you feel like you have not done enough? Pushing your child too hard (or too little) may have surprising and unexpected repercussions. At its worst, pushing your child too hard may cause them to become rebellious or lead them to hate studying. On the other hand, if you don’t challenge them enough, there may be a gnawing feeling at the back of your mind that your child may not succeed in this cut-throat world. Do remember that the key is to strike a balance – one that you must discover on your own as each child is unique.

2. Encourage them to try. And not to worry too much about failing.

As a good parent, you may want to give your child the best possible start in life and get rid of everything which gets in the way. If your child can go about his/her life without failing, it is great! But what if your child develops the fear of failure as a result? That fear of failure can be crippling, but as unconventional as it may sound, and the only way to help your child overcome it is to teach them how to fail. If there are any questions your child may not know how to answer, encourage them to give them a try (who knows if they may even obtain a few working marks in the process!).

3. Revise, revise and revise

When it comes to performing well in academics, many found that consistency is the key to success. Provide your child with practice papers to do and expose them to the various challenging questions that they may face. Compilation of past PSLE and Top School Exam Questions are troves of knowledge which are useful for conditioning your child’s brain on how to tackle the various types of questions.


ERP – Kickstart your child in the revision journey

To help your child revise for the upcoming Weighted Assessment (WAs), we are conducting the Essential Revision Programme (ERP) once a month. Different topics would be covered. The ERP revision course is specially crafted to kickstart and guide your child in the revision journey. These are professionally designed crashed course to help your child get a professionally-condensed revision before his/her exams. This 2.5-hour session focuses on going through key concepts and identifying commonly-tested questions! Our specialist tutors will also impart valuable exam pointers and tips to help your child maximise his/her preparation and ace the upcoming exam!

At BlueTree Academy, along with our in-house curriculum, we use the 3E Approach (Explore, Explain and Extend). We find that our students have greatly benefited through the numerous hands-on experiments and real-life applications. By encouraging them to go beyond the classroom stage, we are consciously inculcating the love of learning in them.

Can’t wait to encourage your children to reach out for the stars? Get in touch with us via phone call or Whatsapp us at 9616 0312 to enquire about the upcoming ERP schedule. Slots are limited and available on a first-come-first-serve-basis.

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