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The PSLE English Exam often befuddles students. Even for some students who has an excellent command of grammar and a library of vocabulary, the PSLE English paper is not one to be trifled with. Without a clear understanding of what the examiners are looking for and a critical strategy to tackle the paper, your child may not be able to go very far. 

Through our English classes, your child will be taught the proper way to tackle the PSLE English Paper. Not only will your child grow confidence in the mastery of the language, our experienced English teachers will also impart essential strategies, such as critical reading skills, inferred meanings, etc.

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About Us

Established by Ex-Gifted Education Programme Teachers, Curriculum Developers and PSLE Markers with over 20 years of teaching experience, we are a passionate teaching team of ex-MOE teachers and curriculum specialists who have taught in Singapore schools. 

With our many years of teaching experience and many success stories of implementing various pedagogical initiatives in schools, we bring with us our love for learning, teaching and the desire to nurture the potential in every child to the classroom at BlueTree Education Learning Centre.

Our Teachers

Our teachers know exactly what’s expected of a student and the skills and knowledge that every student should be equipped with, to do well in their next exams.

We’ve been teaching for more than 20 years in our professional careers as educators and we have marked PSLE and school exam papers for more than 2 decades. To know the primary and secondary school curriculum well, we have pored over hundreds of exam papers from different primary and secondary schools, and PSLE/O level papers for the past 2 decades.


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