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P5 Math Common Types of Exam Math Questions: Gaps & Intervals “Stack It Up”

Concept: Gaps and Intervals

Common Types of PSLE Math Questions

This page contains the common type of PSLE Math concept on Gaps and Intervals. “Stacking Cups” question was tested in the previous PSLE Math Papers.

Hope you can learn from the solution and learn how to solve them.

The figure below shows 3 stacks of identical bowls. The height of the second stack of 5 bowls is 16.5 cm. The height of the third stack of 8 bowls is 24.9 cm. Find the height of the first stack of bowls.

The answer is 8.1cm


Some identical cups are stacked as shown below.

Find the height of 1 cup.

Which of the following correctly represent the substances P and Q?

The answer is 9cm

Have you gain a better understanding of this concept now? I certainly hope you had!

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