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Plant Reproduction *Free Science Notes*

There are different methods that can help you score in PSLE Science. Science topics can be very heavy and overwhelming with content.  It is important to start with proper understanding of the topic, it’s key words and phrases and concepts. A smart way to revise is to prepare personalised science notes with visuals, tables and a mind map to encapsulate and help better understand the topics. Plant Reproduction is an essential topic that many students struggle to fully understand. 

Importance of Study notes

School and tuition teachers may have provided many different notes and resources for reading but only by having your child make their own notes based on their interpretation can they fully familiarise themselves and better memorise the important points of the topic. It would also help to organise the concepts and key points and also their own thoughts so that the information is not all jumbled up in their head 😊

You can read up further on the benefits of study notes in our article on Why Study Notes Are Crucial To Your Child’s Learning.

In the our 2016 PSLE Science analysis, Reproduction in plants has the highest weightage in Booklet B paper with 13 marks in total. This is an important topic in Primary 5 and requires the student to remember a lot of content about the plant reproduction processes. Reproduction in plants has been appearing as a highly weighted topic for past 4 years in PSLE. Thus, it is crucial for your child to be well-versed in this topic.

This is why we have prepared a free science notes template on plant reproduction for your to download for your child to fill up while they revise the topic. You may print more than one copy of each page if your child needs. They can decorate the notes any way they want. We also highly encourage your child to write their own notes if they prefer.

Click on the link below to download “My BlueTree Science Notes on Plant Reproduction”.

You can also download our generic “My BlueTree Science Notes” here!

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