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math mayhem lets learn math using lego

Lego Math: Math-Mayhem with Lego!

Have you ever heard of your child declare ‘I hate math” or anything similar along that vein? If so, making Math memorable and enjoyable may be the key to getting your child to develop interest in the subject. Bid adieu to rote learning and rigid memorisation of math formulas and concepts. Partner with us and inspire your child to learn Math spontaneously.

All you need in our #MathMayhem experiment is Lego!

As a parent, you probably have some of these Lego pieces lying around at home. The little blocks that keep the children engaged hours on end as they work on their creations. After all, these are common playthings which help children learn fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, pattern-recognition, among many others. On top of all these goodness, did you know that Legos also make makes an excellent Math manipulative? We are talking about making use of it to enable the curious young minds to explore mathematical concepts hands-on.

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The magic of Math Play using Lego

math mayhem learning play lego experiment

On top of our very own E3 Framework (Explore, Explain and Extend™ Approach), S.O.L.VE technique, A.B.C answering techniques, etc, Play is highly emphasised as one of BlueTree’s signature teaching strategy?

Why Play? By introducing the concept of ‘play’ and hands-on experimentations, our students will be able to witness first-hand experience on how to apply the classroom knowledge beyond the four walls. This goes in line with our vision for the students – to redefine their learning and thinking process, nudging them gently to achieve their dreams.


Best Lego Bricks Math Ideas (Primary School Edition)

P.S. Get to Point No. 5 for exciting Family Game Night idea.

1. Introducing addition and subtraction

If there are more than 9 “ones”, it should be regrouped to the “tens” column.

Pic via @FrugalFun4Boys

This is the most straight-cut application of using Lego bricks to learn mathematical concepts. This application may be more useful for kids in the lower Primary as they are getting familiar with more complex addition and subtraction.

2. Multiplication, Area and Volume

multiplication and division lego math
Pic via @NavigatingByJoy

Here’s a fun way to teach the concept of multiplication by using LEGO bricks! Getting your aspiring engineers to build this multiplication tower is a great idea to teach them the concept of multiplication.

lego fraction area perimeter math
Pic via @WeAreTeachers

Furthermore, LEGO bricks are also tangible toys which can be used to introduce area (length x width) and volume (length x width x height). This can be done by stacking the bricks and getting your child to count the number of studs in the block.

3. Math Fractions with Lego

Lego fraction

Pic via @BoredPanda

Other than pizza slices, did you know that these favourite playthings are also great visual tools to get your child to master fractions with ease? The concept of fractions may be particularly difficult for children, due to their abstract nature. For this reason, having a practical resource to hold and manipulate or play with (Legos) would boost your child’s learning ability.

4. Discerning Patterns and sequence

Try solving this 2019 PSLE Math Paper. Are you able to come up with the correct answers (Hint: Scroll below for solution)?

pattern 2019 math paper sequence
Pic via @JoyousLearning

Mathematical pattern is an important concept which is often tested in PSLE Math. But the truth of the matter is, some children may have difficulty grasping it. Set your child on the right path by introducing the concept of patterns early. And what better way than to do it with Lego bricks?

pattern sequence lego
Pic via @LearnWithPlayAtHome

If your child has managed to grasp simple pattern, then what’s next? They can “level up” as you introduce more block varieties and options.

Here’s the solution to the earlier 2019 PSLE Math Question:

pattern 2019 math paper sequence solution
Pic via @StudyRoom

5. Bricks Toss Game for Family Game Night idea

Bricks Toss Game for Family Game Night idea lego addition

Pic via @WeAreTeachersThis is a simple yet fun game idea for the family. Be prepared for a whole lot of excited yells, happy laughter, and family bonding. Each one of you will get to pick a colour that you like and get ready to aim towards the target. The “board” will have different markings – some areas will have a higher score. At the end, assist your child as he/ she tallies up the total score.

Just as in a game of darts, the highest scorer wins. Challenge your family and see who will come up top as a winner!


lego math fun visual tactile learning style

Math doesn’t feel like work when you’re having fun with LEGO! If your child’s learning style skews towards visual or tactile learning, this is an exceptional method to engage them. Being physically able to see and feel makes it much easier for them to come to understand the concept and allow them to grow in their mathematical knowledge.

Like what you see?

Register for a trial class and see what more we can provide for your child today!

Like what you see?

Register for a trial class and see what more we can provide for your child today!

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