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What is a magnet? Interesting magnets facts!

A magnet is a material or object that produces an invisible magnetic field which can attract ferromagnetic materials. Come find out with us some important magnet knowledge and magnet facts!

What Causes Magnetism?

Herer are magnet facts Magnetism happens when tiny particles called electrons behave in a certain way. All objects in the universe are made up of units called atoms which are made up of electrons, neutrons and protons. The electrons spin around the atom’s nucleus which form tiny magnetic forces. 

Magnetism can also be created through rubbing a magnet on a piece of metal continuously in the same direction.

Electricity can also be used to create magnets since it is a flow of elections. Magnets that is created from electricity is called electromagnets. 

Properties of Magnets

Magnets can attract magnetic objects that are mainly metals such as iron, steel, nickel, or cobalt. Every magnet has two opposite poles,  a north pole and a south pole which attracts if they are opposite poles and repel if they are the same pole. This means that if you hold two magnets with both of its north pole pointing at each other, they will repel! 

Interesting Magnet Facts

  1. Not All Metals Are Magnetic

  2. The Earth Is A Large Magnet

  3. Compasses Rely on Earth

Learning about magnets is great fun. Magnets are used every day all over the world and incorporated into our daily. Use our fun magnet facts to start learning how magnets work.

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