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How to Write a Composition

One of the obstacles primary school students face in the process of learning the English Language is the method of writing an English Composition well. In order to grasp the fundamentals of writing, there are several areas to consider.
1. Topic Identification
First, the primary school student should understand the topics that will be assessed in the English Language subject. There are different topics, such as describing personal experiences, visits to specific places like parks and so on. Given this understanding, the student can then narrow down the content to be developed in the English Composition writing.
2. Structure of Writing
Second, the primary school student should prepare a brief outline of the English Composition writing, so as to ensure that there is a clear form of writing. This is important as students may lose sight of the certain parts that should be developed more, which may give rise to time management obstacles that can be overcome. For example, the introduction is to be kept concise, whereas the main body should be well-developed with sufficient areas of discussion. Therefore, the primary school student should consider having a short outline prepared before he or she starts on the actual English Composition writing.
3. Writing Methods
Third, the primary school student should pay heed to the question requirement, which will determine how the English Composition writing should be done. For example, a personal experience writing should be focused on the inclusion of personal thoughts and feelings throughout the content development. It is essential to note that descriptive writing for English Composition requires students to provide adequate emphasis on the sights and sounds, so as to bring life into the writing.
4. Enjoy the Writing Process
Lastly, the student should enjoy the process of writing an English Composition. It is usually through appreciation of the English Language which enables students to write confidently and expressively. Ultimately, students who enjoy the learning experience are more likely to excel.
We hope that students will take note of these key points and apply them in their English Composition writing, so as to score in their English Language examinations. For those who are keen to learn more and be inspired by our dedicated Primary English tutors, do consider joining our Primary English Tuition programmes, conducted by BlueTree Education.