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From PSLE Mathematics to Secondary Mathematics: How to start Secondary 1 Math with a BANG!

As your child transitions from Primary to Secondary school, they must adjust to a new environment and grapple with a more advanced curriculum. What are the key differences between Primary mathematics and Secondary mathematics? How can you help your child make positive adjustments to the transition? Here are some useful tips for you!

  1. Learn to use algebraic expressions and equations as a form of representation

Model drawing and heuristics will be replaced by Algebra, a powerful tool used to express ideas that are precise and universally understood. It helps us see the connections between different quantities and can be used to model real-life phenomena. However, many Secondary 1 students are so used to model drawing and heuristics that they face difficulty in formulating algebraic expressions and equations to solve problems. Hence the strategy here is to introduce a method of problem of solving that combines the model drawing approach and algebra. This will help your child progressively shift to the new method of problem solving.
I will illustrate more about this in my next post.

2. Develop calculator skills

Unlike PSLE, which allows the use of calculators for only the Paper 2 component, Secondary mathematics examinations depend heavily on the use of calculators. Students are expected to be able to carry out BODMAS (brackets, orders, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction) computations effectively using a scientific calculator. Thus, it is extremely important that your child familiarises themselves with the predefined functions in their calculator.

3. Recognise the importance of negative numbers

Students should be able to handle negative numbers and their four operations as they will be used frequently throughout the curriculum. Help your child gain some exposure to negative numbers by relating the concept to temperatures below freezing point or basement levels below ground floors in buildings.

Here at BlueTree Secondary, we offer O Level and IP Mathematics classes. Our curriculum is structured to help your child make a smooth transition into Secondary Mathematics. Let us work with you to help your child achieve success in their new endeavour!