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[Free Download] What Are Effects Of Forces?

Most kids are proficient in identifying the four different forces during exams – gravitational, magnetic, elastic spring and frictional force. However, they get stumped over the effects of forces. 

What Are Effects Of Forces?

A force can:
  1. move a stationary object.
  2. slow down a moving object.
  3. make a moving object move faster.
  4. change the direction of a moving object.
  5. change the shape of an object. 
These effects of forces happen when interaction between objects occur. Usually, when a greater force is acting on the object, one or more effects of forces would be demonstrated.
What are Newton’s three laws of motions and how are they related to the effects of forces? 

Read them here:
Forces Infographic (1)

Congrats! Now you know the three laws of motion and the five effects of forces. Ready for more? Click here for a quick 5 minute self-assessment!

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