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Father’s Day 2022: 5 Unique Ways to Celebrate DAD (+BONUS!)

It’s that time of the year where we get to thank the most important Superman in our lives, be it your dads or father to your children! Yes, we are talking about Father’s Day. FYI, it isn’t too far away – this year, it is celebrated on Sunday, 19th June 2022.

We’ve sussed out some ways to make this year’s Father’s Day a memorable one. If you are running out of ideas for how to spend the special day with your number one guy, we have just the Father’s Day activities to help you create new memories together. Planning a celebration to celebrate Dad will be a breeze with our nifty guide – even if it is a last-minute plan.

(P.S. Scroll to the end for our special bonus: A DIY Father’s Day Card template)

1. Treat Dad to a sumptuous home-cooked meal

father's day idea homecooked meal for dad

Who says that you need to be a MasterChef (or MasterChef Junior) to whip up a meal for Dad? Easy & fuss-free home-cooked dishes can be a heartwarming display to show Dad how much he means to you. After all, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” has been proven through and through all these many years. Check out these Aglio Olio pasta and Grilled cheese sandwich recipes, which are strong contenders for the ultimate Father’s Day comfort food.

2. A gift of music & dance

father's day idea music dance with dad

All Dad wants is some quality time with you. For a truly unique gift, curate a sentimental Spotify playlist for Dad just to show him how much you care. Fill your whole home with music for the special man in your life. Our suggestion would be to include a list of oldies music Dad grew up listening to, such as Cantonese or Hokkien love songs, songs by popular singers such as Theresa Teng, Jacky Cheung, etc.

Additional brownie points: Get ready to be transported back into time as you dance with Dad to his favourite tune!

3. Plan an adventurous outdoor date with Dad

father's day idea outdoor trip sungei buloh
Pic via @Trip

This Father’s Day, why not slip into a pair of comfy shoes, slap on the sunblock and insect repellent, pack your lavish spread for a hike/ picnic sesh’ date with Dad? Singapore is home to a few panoramic nature reserves and off-the-grid beaches. Some of our top faves include Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and Pulau Ubin. With this idea, you’re sure to make Father’s Day an exceptionally memorable one this year.

4. No one can say NO to a family game night!

father's day idea monopoly board game

Let Dad lean into his competitive side by planning a Father’s Day Family Game Night! Be it a simple board game or video game, the key is to plan an activity that Dad (and the whole family) is bound to enjoy. Monopoly is a great idea, so is swinging to a Just Dance tune or Mario Kart racing on the Nintendo Switch). Bonus if there are prizes involved!

5. Plan a movie marathon with Dad and the whole family, of course!

There’s a good that all your old man wants is to hang out with the people he loves the most. Not that you need an excuse to hang out with your Dad, but this Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to do so. What better way than a movie marathon?

Draw up a list of shows which Dad (and the whole family) will enjoy, grab a bag of popcorn or chips and hit on the ‘Play’ button. If your dad is a sci-fi guy, the cult-classic Star Wars or suspenseful Lost In Space may be a good choice. For a dose of inspiration, you can pick The Pursuit Of Happyness. If Dad is in need of laugh, Daddy Day Care or Grown Ups may be your pick. Finding Nemo and Lion King are classic family favourites.

While you are bonding over the movie marathon, spend some time to share a few of your favourite memories of Dad.


+ BONUS: Click here to download Happy Father’s Day Card (hi-res version)

father's day card (outer)father's day card (outer)

Fun Fact: Did you know that our Father’s Day card is made with the concept of symmetry in mind? By introducing symmetry, it can helps kids to make connections to real life in their math lesson. Indeed, Math is all around us!

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”

– Jim Valvano –


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