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Unique Characteristics of the Animal Groups

There’s so much to remember for our P3/ P4 students when it comes to remembering the unique characteristics of the different animal groups in the animal kingdom.

Use this study organiser that we have prepared about the different groups of animals to help your child master the unique characteristics of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians!


  • Warm blood and usually have hair or fur on their bodies
  • Born alive and the mothers feed their babies with milk
  • Example: Humans, Lions, Goats


  • Live in water and on land
  • Have scales and are cold-blooded
  • Lay eggs on land
  • Examples: lizards, snakes 


  • Warm-blooded and have beaks, feathers, wings and two legs
  • Lay eggs on land
  • Examples: Eagles, Seagulls, Chickens


  • Live on land and in water
  • Lay eggs in water
  • Cold-blooded and have smooth skin
  • Examples: Frogs, Toads


  • Fish live and lay their eggs in water
  • Have fins for swimming and gills for breathing
  • Example: Clownfish, Eel, Seahorse


We have included the answers which can be used as study sheets or even a quiz session you can do with your child!

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