PSLE Preparatory Course

Is Your Child Ready To Secure PSLE Distinctions For
Math & Science?

As a Math and Science specialist with 15 years of experience teaching in MOE schools, Teacher Ko has personally helped hundreds of students excel in their PSLE. Having received “The Most Caring Teacher Award” during his years of teaching, many parents are extremely grateful for his patience and dedicated guidance towards their children.

…The best part — all this can be learnt from the comfort of home! No need to worry about your child’s health in this period of uncertainty.

From 70s to 80s Within 2 Months, Along With An Increase In Confidence & Improved Relationship Between Parent & Child

                                                               How is that even possible?

                                                  We duplicate the same teaching methods for many of our P6s.

              The teaching methods are developed by the Founders of Bluetree – Teacher Jo, Rosyth ex-Science teacher and                                                PSLE marker of over 11 years and Teacher Faith, former GEP teacher.


                                                          Would you want to know how this can be done for your child too?

                                              With a few months of prep before PSLE, you know there’s not a lot of time left.

                                                     This means you must use proven learning strategies to help your child.

What will your child learn from Teacher Ko?

Science Coverage

Topics Covered

Mathematics Coverage

Topics Covered

Welcome to the Ultimate PSLE Prep Course Programme!

The Complete Coverage Of Math & Science Skills & Strategies That Any Child Can Feast On To Get The Most Satisfying Learning Online Experience - An Intense 20 Weeks Long Curated Programme Each One Hour Long By 2 Academic Specialists.




How will a typical online session be like for your child?
The worksheets for the following lesson will be made available to your child at least a week before the lesson starts.
Your child is expected to complete the worksheet before the session starts.
During the session, we will go through with you along with other students. We will add explanations and sound out possible shortcuts and potential mistakes.
During the online lessons, we will also address the emotional needs and motivate the child.
If your child still has difficulty understanding certain questions from our worksheets, your child can watch the replays to better understand or email us after the online session.
First lesson is on 21st of June 2021
Math will be held on Weds; Science will be held on Thurs
Timing on both days will be 7:30pm – 8:30pm
It will be on fixed days & fixed timings; 2 weekday nights a week 
(A confirmed schedule will be sent out once your child’s seat is confirmed.)
(Recordings will be made available if your child wants to revisit the lessons. Your child’s bonuses will also be given after the second lesson.)
The 40 lessons will be done online.
Your child can download the worksheets, have them printed out and get them ready to learn from home using a laptop plus working speaker and mouse.
No more getting distracted from a noisy class, like in school. More focus for your child!
No more wasting any second while enjoying the full experience of PURE learning.
Plus, most importantly for you…
No more further squeezing more out of your already-depleted time (+ draining your energy) driving your child to and fro plus clueless of what you should do or where to hang out while waiting another 2 hours for your child.
You have more time to yourself!
With a few more months to PSLE, you know every second is precious and can possibly make a difference between a grade or even two, your child can make full use of his limited time to study.


“Kayden attended the PSLE Prep course by Teacher Ko and Teacher Faith and he achieved 4A* for PSLE. The foundation built by BlueTree was truly amazing. In a short span of 6 months, he improved by more than 20 marks and became a much motivated learner. The questions given by the teachers help Kayden to improve his work and clarified his doubts. Today , Kayden is a student of HC boys, his dream school!”

-Mother of Kayden

This online course is not for everyone.


 Who Is This Not For…
Students who don’t want to:
  • Listens to instructions
  • Learn/put in any effort
  • Do extra work
Parents who don’t:
  • Want their children to learn more effective solving techniques.
  • Believe in working hard+smart = better grades + less exam anxiety


 Who Is This For…
Students who:
  • Want to learn the smarter way
  • Want to learn exam strategies and proven skills in tackling exams questions
  • Want to do fewer questions but have deeper and clear understanding of the concepts and process of solving them
  • Are willing to put in effort
Students who have:
  • Home tuition and they know they can get higher marks with extra help from us
  • Lessons by their parents at home and they need additional tips from us
  • To self study and need guidance from us during this last lap
  • Other online lessons and they need further help from us
Parents who are committed to supporting their children till end of PSLE

If This Sounds Like You And Your Child, Here's How You Can Sign Up For Our PSLE Prep Course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a group coaching?
Yes, you are right.
Can you throw in some pep talk to motivate the kids? 
Definitely during the online lessons, we will address the emotional needs and motivate the child.
When will the first lesson start? When will the last lesson be?
First lesson will be on the 21st of June, last lesson will be on the 28th of October
I’m so interested but my child has activities on some weekdays. How? 
Your child can still work on the provided worksheet and join us in the next session. Recordings will be provided for him to watch on his free days. What some parents did is they signed up so they can get the video recordings which they know will benefit their children.
Will the lesson days be fixed or changed?
It will be on fixed weekdays and timings.
Math will be held on Weds; Science will be held on Thurs
7.30pm – 8.30pm
What if my child still have difficulties understanding certain concepts/ topics even after the online lessons and playbacks?
You can email us at
When will we receive the sign up confirmation?
Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email confirmation. It means your seat is confirmed. 

Our team will also follow up with you to give you more details on the classes.
Can I buy the exam paper review and recordings separately?
Nope, you can’t.
May I ask if answer keys will be given for the practice questions?
We will solve the questions with the child during the online sessions. So the answer keys are already provided in video format and he/she can watch the replays.
If my child is attending tuition lessons at your centre currently, will it be the same as what you’re teaching in the online lesson?
Contents will be different. The online lesson is a good extra revision and will be extra help to your child. It will be excellent for child who is afraid of asking questions in the class buy he/she can type out the questions in the chat box during the online lessons. 
Will my child’s work be reviewed?
Yes, your child can email us his/ her work at the support email and we will give feedback to your child during the online sessions with your child.
I have other questions.
For any inquiries, please write in to us at
Will assignment be given for the following lesson?
Yes, worksheets of the following week will be available for download a week in advance. Your child is expected to attempt them before the actual online lesson.