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Math in Real Life – Bowling Logic

[Real World Math Problems] Alex and Jewel are both students and they love to bowl. Jewel often bowl a 1strike while Alex often bowl a 3spare. Alex has a mathematical reason to explain why he chose not to strike.
This is how it goes.


1Frame:  A frame is 1/10 of the game. A game of bowling has ten frames and there are ten frames on a score card. The bowler bowls twice in one frame.
2Strike:  A strike is scored when the bowler knocks down all ten pins in the first throw.  When scoring a strike, points from the next two balls are doubled.
3Spare:  A Spare is scored when the bowler knocks down all ten pins within in that frame. Usually this is done by knocking all the pins down in two throws or on the second throw.  When scoring a spare, points for the next ball are doubled.

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