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Why Learn Math?

Why do we learn Math? Math has got to be one of the most interesting and fun subjects among many students. From telling the time to counting money, math has helped us greatly in our daily life! Math is also a universal language understood by all regardless of where you come from, it is also a knowledge that may help you in your career be it in the financial sector, arts or F&B. Here’s a list of the top 3 reasons why learning math is so important and beneficial to us.

1. Math Helps Improve Problem-Solving Skill

Math helps us think analytically, systematically and have better reasoning abilities. People who learn math develops a growth mindset in every student and built up their critical thinking skill. Our ability to think logically about a situation is also further improved as we learn probability, percentage and rate. We can have better logical thinking, problem-solving and data analysis to reach the best conclusion. Mathematics quickens our minds and helps us, in general, deepen and think critically when we are faced with complex problems. Our life is composed largely of situations of choice, approach, reasoning and problems to which solutions have to be found. In that sense, mathematics helps you to open up one’s mind and seek out the solution with the most appropriate option.

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2. Math Is Essential In Today’s World

Almost every career requires a little knowledge and application of math. It also makes up a large part of our everyday life. Mathematics can be very useful in understanding how and why things work the way they work. If you are starting a business, you will need to know to account as how are you suppose to get a profit if you can’t calculate your expense. Furthermore, when applying for the course you desire in universities such as sociology, finance, investments, psychology, physics, biology or even economics, math is held in high regard, and you will be called on to solve various math problems, as part of your work.

Math is relevant to a wide variety of academic subjects for the PSLE, GCE O level and A Level curriculum. A poor understanding of math will not only cause you to struggle in many other subjects but also it could limit your options and employability when the time comes to think about your career options.

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3. Great Career Options & Help Improve Informed Choices

Having the knowledge and skill set in math for your career is important but employers want to hire employees who are good at solving complex problems. Showing that you have the list of criteria they are seeking by displaying your deep understanding and application in math puts you at the top positions when applying for a job.

For many companies, having someone with a profound understanding of math, like financial analysis or cost estimation is really crucial to them as it affects their entire operations. The opportunities and paths don’t stop there. Even if you are a fashion designer, you will need to calculate dimensions, proportions and fabric cost. Almost every work field is interconnected regardless of the profession with maths being the centre of them.

In your everyday life, when making an informed choice between 2 decisions using probability and risk assessment. The option that you choose can be the safest and most logical or the highest return but riskiest move. People who learn math can reach their own conclusion with the most efficiency.

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