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9 Important Questions To Ask your Child For Growth MindSet

When children have a growth mindset, they are able to accept and embrace challenge, willing to take feedback, practice and put in more effort when they fail and are open to taking risks and trying new things. The basic premise is that their efforts can influence how their talents, abilities develop.
On the contrary, if they have a fixed mindset, they tend to see their most basic traits such as intelligence as non-changeable. They are more likely to choose easy tasks so
they won’t fail, or look bad in front of others, less open to try new things, use ‘i am just not good at it’ reasons to explain disappointments and are not able to receive feedback well.
Promoting the growth mindset in your kids facilitates their ability to learn new things, recover from setbacks and focus on finishing up what they started. Here are 9 great
questions (based on specific contexts) to support the growth mindset in your kids:

  1. WHEN THEY HAVE FAILED: What did you learn from that? How can you apply it next time you have a similar situation?
  2. WHEN A TASK IS DIFFICULT: What other ways can you try to approach that task?
  3. WHEN THEY ARE NOT GOOD AT SOMETHING: What could you do to get better at it? What could you practice?
  4. WHEN THEY ARE NOT THE BEST: Who can you learn from?
  5. WHEN THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO: What is one small step you could do to start?
  6. WHEN THE TASK IS TOO EASY: How can we make this more challenging for you?
  7. WHEN THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING: What have you learnt about success? What are your next goals?
  8. WHEN THEY DON’T AGREE WITH THE RULES: What new ideas/suggestions do you have?
  9. WHEN THEY ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THEIR OWN WORK: Who can you ask for some honest feedback?
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