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10 affordable activities to keep your child entertained at home

Finding things to do with kids can be a headache during this Covid-19 period. It is even more difficult if your child has to stay at home for an extended period of time. These affordable activities should keep your kids entertained!

1. Doodle!

Doodling is one of the easiest and most affordable activities to do at home. Find different scrap materials e.g. cardboard (think of Redmart deliveries), egg cartons, fabric. Let your child write and draw their thoughts on different papers. For different varieties, you can make the doodling session thematic e.g. Festivals or specify the medium for drawing e.g. only paint

2. Going Zen With Your Little Ones

There are lots of parent-kid yoga videos online. Doing yoga together can promote parent-child bonding and healthy lifestyle habits at the same time.

3. Cooking Fun!

Cooking is one of the best life skills your child should master. There are many simple recipes you can try out with your child e.g. mini pizzas. Cooking can also train your child to be independent and learn to use the kitchen safely.

4. Start A Garden

Growing plants out of plant parts are faster and easier than seeds. Your child will feel a sense of achievement to grow a young plant. Gardening also teaches basic Science concepts and values such as patience. Start with 1 – 2 plants you would like to grow in your mini garden e.g. onion. You can also eat the labour of your fruits when the plants are ready!

5. Dance Party!

Another affordable activity is to simply put together your favourite songs and let your child dance till she gets tired! Create your own silly moves or challenge each other on a dance parody. Add variety into the dance party with interesting dance costumes or props. Your little performer will have lots of fun dancing all day!

6. Bring Out Your Little Scientist

There are many simple and meaningful Science experiments for different ages that you can do at home e.g. food science.

For Primary school children, you can choose experiments related to their current Science topic e.g. Watch how water expands as it freezes (Matter)

7. Board games

Cracking out the games box is one of the best things to do with kids and gets the whole family involved. Encourage your child’s competitive streak and break out a fast-paced board game like Chess. You’ll be surprised how quickly they get into it. Beware of arguments, though, when either you or your daughter start losing?!

8. Family Stories

Bring out your childhood photos! Let your child pick one photo and get cosy with you. Ready to reveal your most embarrassing childhood moments?

Tell your childhood stories to your child and your child might learn one or two things about you.

9. Home Clue-Do

This may mean some real brain-cracking work for you and your child! Write out some clues and hide the items at home. Encourage your child to be creative and set a good mystery game for you to solve!

10. Balloon VolleyBall

Blow a balloon and set the net or a rope. This game is especially popular with sporty children. Add some rackets to make the game more exciting!

There are really many other good and affordable activities you can do with your child at home. Be creative and have lots of fun with your child J


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