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PSLE 2020 Results
Record HIGH Number Of Improvements In Math & Science
Record HIGH Number Of A and A* In English, Math & Science
90% A & A* In English
85% A & A* In Math
87% A & A* In Science
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During school holidays, BlueTree also organizes holiday programmes for students to enrich their learning. We conduct PSLE booster programmes for Primary 6 students and O levels preparatory programmes for Secondary 4 students to ensure that the students are ready to excel in their final crucial examination.

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About Us

Our teachers know exactly what’s expected of a student and the skills and knowledge that every student should be equipped with, to do well in their next exams.

We’ve been teaching for more than 20 years in our professional careers as educators and we have marked PSLE and school exam papers for more than 2 decades. To know the primary and secondary school curriculum well, we have pored over hundreds of exam papers from different primary and secondary schools, and PSLE/O level papers for the past 2 decades.

These information from past PSLE/O levels helps the team to sharpen professional knowledge of the exam requirements and enhance our curriculum to help students score more marks in exams.
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