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Our Primary Science Curriculum is specially designed by our highly experienced MOE-trained science specialists who have years of experience teaching the MOE syllabus and setting exam papers for schools. This programme focuses on helping students to understand the their school teaching better and prepare for school examination by promoting the development of cognitive skills for Science inquiry.

Our in-house, specially designed materials focus on helping students build a strong foundation in science concepts and answering techniques to excel in their school examinations. Suitable for any student who wants mastery in Science and meaningful learning, our curriculum enables students to grasp and understand the necessary Science key concepts and skills and develop good cognitive skills through doing questions testing on inter-related topics. 

From now till PSLE, your child will study past year examination papers and be able to identify different types of application questions tested. This allows your child to better grasp key concepts that are often tested and learn how best to approach each of the different questions.

In addition to the exposure to commonly-tested topics and exam questions, our students will be introduced to our effective and proven signature answering techniques that will address the different components of each subject paper.

Key Elements of Our
Primary Science Programme

Effective And Proven Answering Techniques and Strategies

Recognising Exam Patterns to Achieve Content Mastery
and Grasp Key Concepts

Highly Experienced, Dedicated and Caring
MOE-trained Teachers

A.B.C Technique

Gain Mastery in Primary Science

Many student lose marks in their Booklet B due to the lack of understanding the question requirements and incorrect answering strategies.

At our centre, students are taught our signature 3-Step A.B.C. answering technique to solve open-ended questions that meet sufficiently meet question requirements and exam markers’ expectations. Every child will be able to learn and apply this technique to tackle different experiment-based and application questions.

Our Primary Science Specialists

Our teachers know exactly what’s expected of a student and the skills and knowledge that every student should be equipped with, to do well in their next exams.

Our teachers are also personally taught by our Principal and curriculum writer, Teacher Jolene, and are well trained in the 3-step answering technique. They are highly trained in the MOE Syllabus and are more than qualified to teach and guide any student to help them achieve their desired grades in Science. Our differentiated pedagogical strategies is catered to engage the 21st-century student fully while imparting the necessary skills and knowledge towards success.

Under our professional guidance, we will help your child save plenty of time & hard-work from trying to do what 80% of the primary school students are doing – traditional studying practices that are outdated and time-consuming!

Curriculum Overview

We are committed in equipping our students with the right knowledge and skills necessary to tackle experiment-based and application questions. Through the exploration of the practical application of theories, our students will appreciate the real-life application of scientific inquiries as we revise their fundamentals in Science and refine their answering techniques needed for exams.

Lesson activities include Weekly Dozens, Concept Focuses, Topic Focuses as well as Practice Papers to help students deepen their understanding and knowledge for each topic as well as to prepare them for their exams. Students will also have the opportunity to have hands-on experience and conduct fun in-class experiments with our teachers.


Lower-Block Themes including (not listed in sequence):

Living & Non- Living Things | Materials


Human System | Digestive System | Plant System (Plant Parts & Their functions)

Lessons include a lot of fun and hands-on activities and experiments to help pupils learn Science through play and experiential learning. In addition, pupils will be taught how to answer questions using BlueTree’s Signature Answering Techniques to prepare them for the exams.


Lower-Block Theme including (not listed in sequence):

Life Cycles (Animals & Plants) | Matter & its Properties | 3 states of Matter and their Properties

Light & Shadows | Heat

Lessons are a fun mix of hands-on in-class experiments as well as teaching the pupils effective answering techniques to attempt open ended questions with confidence. Revision notes will be provided to help them consolidate their learning for upcoming termly exams.


Upper-Block Themes including (not listed in sequence):

Cell system | Plant system (Respiratory and Circulatory System) | Human System (Respiratory and Circulatory System) | Electrical System

Water Cycle | Plant & Animal Reproductive System

Energy Forms and Uses

Students will be given many opportunities to try out the fun and cool Science experiments and activities that our curriculum writers have prepared to engage the students and provide a deeper understanding of the world around us. 

In addition, pupils will be taught how to answer questions using BlueTree’s Signature A.B.C. Answering Technique to prepare them for the exams.


Upper-Block Themes including (not listed in sequence):

Conversion of Energy | Energy in Food |  Forms and Uses of Energy

Interactions within the Environment | Adaptations | Man’s Impact and his environment

The Primary Science Syllabus will be completed before P6 Mid-Year Examinations. On top of the teaching of new topics for P6, there will be constant review and revision of P3 to P5 topics to solidify understanding and concepts.

From June, our dedicated team at BlueTree will focus on preparing our P6 students for the upcoming Prelim and PSLE examinations. Students will be exposed to and practice past PSLE and Top Schools’ exam questions which are commonly tested in PSLE to deepen their understanding the Science Concepts required in science open-ended questions whilst applying our Signature A.B.C Technique for effective answers.


  • If your child faces challenges in understanding concepts … then yes!
  • If your child understands subjects… questions but cannot use the right strategy to answer … then yes!
  • If your child often gets incomplete marks for exam questions… then yes!
  • If your child has been learning diligently and still cannot score higher …then yes!
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