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Keith really enjoys his lessons at BlueTree Education! He always shares with me how caring and encouraging his teachers are. I am also pleased to see that his results have improved greatly from 50s to 60s within a short period of 2 months. I am heartened to know my child is in good hands and confident he will be able to do well for his PSLE.

Mrs Tan

Parent of P6 student, Keith, Poi Ching Primary, enrolled in English, Maths and Science

His teaching is good and interesting. I learn more in each and every lesson. It is a pleasure to be in his class.

Lok Yin

P4 student, Nanyang Primary, enrolled in Maths

It is unique enough that he conducts his classes allowing parents to sit in and observe his teaching methods. Ryan’s results had improved from a “C” to an “A” within a period of 4 months. Ryan’s confidence is also evident each time a problem sum is placed before him.

Mr Tan

Parent of P6 student, ACS Junior, enrolled in Maths

I joined Teacher Faith’s class for only ten months. Prior to that, I used to score a ‘B’ or even a ‘C’ for mathematics examinations in school. After learning under Teacher Faith’s guidance, my mathematics results improved greatly. I found her lessons interesting and enjoyable. More significantly, Teacher Faith taught me useful tactics to solve problem sums. She felt that I was often too tense thus making many careless errors. She patiently advised me to relax and remain calm in examinations.

I have apprehended her strategies and answering techniques to inspire self-confidence. Teacher Faith’s conviction in my potential to score an ‘A’ in PSLE has made my expectation become a reality.

Thank you, Teacher Faith. You are a real Maths strategist!

Chelsea Gan

P6 Student, CHIJ St. Nicholas, Enrolled in Maths

Cherie really learnt a lot from the PSLE booster programme. She shared that she gained a wealth of insights and techniques from the programme. She has been using them diligently and it has paid off. I can see an improvement in the way she presents her Math solutions and the confidence she shows when she does her homework. I am so glad that I sent her to BlueTree for the PSLE programme in June and it has made a great difference to her learning attitude.

Mrs Lee

Parent of P6 Student, Cherie, CHIJ St Nicks, enrolled in Maths

Alex has been going for lessons at BlueTree for 3 months and he has changed positively a lot. He used to hate doing his work and I have to nag at him several times a day. He started to struggle with his daily Math homework and I could not help him much. Teacher Ryan is very patient and knowledgeable and taught Alex many different strategies to deal with different types of Math problems. He guided Alex to understand the difficult concepts and overcomes his difficulties. BlueTree has become a second home for Alex and it is more than a tuition centre to us.

Mrs Tan

Parent of P5 Student, Alex, Maris Stella School, enrolled in Math and Science

Marcus was having problems in Math in Primary 5. He failed his Maths Exam in CA1 with a Score of 49%. When he attended the SA2 Marks Accelerator Programme, he was quite reluctant as he has been to a number of tuition centres. He was pleasantly surprised how easy SOLVE technique was and what’s better, he really enjoyed the 4-day programme.

Thereafter, he consistently applied the techniques learnt on his Math work and scored 76% in SA2 exams, improving by 27 marks! That’s the highest he has gotten for Primary 5 and it really motivated him to want to do better in P6.

Mrs Sharon Ong

Parent of P5 Student, Holy Innocents’ Pri

Being in class was a very fun experience. I learn new things every week. My teacher is very patient and he makes sure everyone understands what he is teaching. His class is very different from other kinds of tuition. He definitely uses a very fun and engaging way to teach.

Lok Man

P6 Student, Nanyang Primary, enrolled in Maths

Both my two girls benefitted from the Math lessons. They are more confident and independent in solving Math problems. I am glad that my girls are under BlueTree Education because they have really improved tremendously.

Mrs Lee

Parent of P6 students, Fairfield Methodist Primary, enrolled in Maths

I have been learning at BlueTree Education for a year. My teachers are very patient, experienced and give us challenging questions. They explain very clearly and their good sense of humour have made lessons enjoyable.

Jia Li

P5 student, Ai Tong Primary, enrolled in English, Maths and Science

Science lessons are always interesting and fun, with lots of experiments. My results improved greatly from 70 to 85 within a term! I look forward to Science lessons each week.


P5 Student, CHIJ St. Nicholas, enrolled in Maths and Science

My son has benefitted much from Teacher Jo’s lessons. She is not only a passionate teacher who knows the syllabus very well but also genuinely cares for the well-being of my child. She is always encouraging and seeks to draw out the best in my child. My son has personally told me he enjoys Teacher Jo’s lessons and looks forward to each and every lesson. I believe Teacher Jo has a gift in ensuring each and every child reaches their potential. Thank you Teacher Jo!

Mrs Thean

Parent of P6 Student, Philip, Nanyang Pri, enrolled in Science

“I have always been bad at Math and I could not catch up in class. I did not understand the difficult Math concepts and started failing my term test. My parents were worried over my results since Maths contributes to my L1R5 score.  They persuaded me to attend lessons with BlueTree as they heard many good reviews about the centre’s teaching methods and patient teachers.

Teacher Amy proved herself to be an effective and dedicated teacher. She would stay back after lessons to help me with difficult concepts and taught me easy techniques to solve different Math questions. By my next Math test, I improved by 12 marks and subsequently for the final exam, I scored a B4 for Math!


Secondary 3 student, Xinmin Sec

Cherie was very happy after attending the SA2 Marks Accelerator Programme because she has learnt many good answering strategies that she could apply immediately to her Science and Math questions.

It was obvious that the notes and learning materials were well-written and designed to help Cherie to excel in her SA2 exams.

Cherie enjoyed the programme so much that she has signed up for the regular Science and Math lessons too.

Miss Ivy Lee

Parent of P5 Student, CHIJ OLGC

Lessons at BlueTree are always interesting and challenging. I had no interest in Science before joining BlueTree. Teacher Jo is always patient and guides me to think through the concepts so I find it easier to understand Science concepts now. My grades have improved from 60 to 70 within 2 terms and I have achieved an ‘A’ for Science for PSLE!


P6 Student, Zhang De Primary, enrolled in Maths and Science

I think that his lessons are very effective. I have improved greatly since I joined his class. I can tackle all the difficult questions that nobody in my class is able to.


Current P6 student, ACS Junior, enrolled in Maths

My little ones attended the Art Science programme at BlueTree and they shared how much they have learnt from the teacher. They were constantly engaged with a variety of activities ranging from audio-visual to hands-on activities. I feel happy when I see them all smiles. Fun programmes, excellent teachers. What more as a parent could I ask for?

Mrs Ng

Parent of K2 students enrolled in Science

The passion that the teachers at BlueTree have for education is tremendous. The teachers are committed to helping every child develop their fullest potential. They are patient and take time to understand every child’s strengths and weaknesses. The centre’s priority of BlueTree is to provide an excellent learning experience for every child rather than to be a commercial success which is quite rare these days. My child was struggling with Mathematics and had no confidence in the subject. Under Teacher Faith’s guidance, he is now very interested in Maths and motivated to do well in the subject. My child’s grades have improved by 10% within a short span of time. We are very blessed to put him at BlueTree!

Mrs Lim

Parent of current P5 Student, ACS Junior, enrolled in Maths and English

Megan has learnt many new skills and techniques after attending lessons at BlueTree. She is now more aware of how to answer open-ended questions in Science using the ABC technique. She enjoys lessons with Teacher Jo greatly and looks forward to each lesson. She is patient and explains every concept clearly, even taking extra time after lesson to sit down with Megan. I see a very dedicated and committed teacher, always trying to bring the best out in a child. BlueTree is indeed a great learning place for children!

Mrs Chua

Parent of P6 Student, Megan, CHIJ Katong Convent, enrolled in Science

“It was August when I first join BlueTree in preparation for my preliminary O level examinations. With only two short months left before the impending ‘O’ Levels, I was desperate for expert help with some difficult Math concepts.  The teachers at BlueTree quickly clear the doubts and misconceptions but I eventually gained so much more.

Effective problem solving methods, structured lesson plans, dedicated teachers and interesting lessons really made me improve on Math quickly within 2 months. I was very confident when I sat for my O levels and achieved A1 in Math. Thank you, BlueTree for being such a great place for learning!


O level student, Serangoon Sec

My son, Kayden, has problems understanding Science concepts and solving Maths problem sums since start of Primary 4. It was very difficult for us to help him at home as we are unsure of the content.

When he attended the 4-day SA2 marks accelerator programme, he was hoping to learn some good techniques and clear his doubts over some concepts. And he did! Teacher Faith & Jo were very patient to guide him through, explaining the different techniques and how to use them on different types of questions.

He became much more confident and thereafter, he improved by 10 marks for Science and 12 marks for Math in SA2. We were not surprised by the marks improvement because Kayden has really transformed into a motivated learner! Thank you Faith & Jo for the fantastic teaching!

Mrs Agnes Koh

Parent of P4 Student, Pei Hwa Presbyterian

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