Ex-Gifted Education Programme (GEP) School Teachers Reveal Marks Accelerator Programme To Help Your Child Score 10 - 15 More Marks & Ace Their Math & Science Exams!

In This 4-Day Content-Packed Programme, We Share Our GEP-Crafted Techniques That Have Given More Than 800 Students Over 38 Schools An "Unfair Advantage"

(88% Of Students Went On To Improve At Least One Grade In Their Next Exams!)

Especially For Worried Parents Looking For A Quick & Proven Way To Help Their Child Get Up To Speed In Time For The Upcoming Math & Science  Examinations!

In this 4-day content-packed and high impact programme, we will work with your child to revise their fundamentals in their Math and Science and refine their answering techniques needed for school exams.

They will be exposed to commonly-tested topics and exam questions and taught to a series of thought processes needed to analyse questions effectively.  They will also be introduced to our signature answering techniques that will address the different problem sums and open-ended questions. 

The programme's objectives:

  • Strengthen conceptual understanding
  • Develop the right answering skills for Math & Science
  • Discover the signature S.O.L.VE and A.B.C strategies
  • Tips on reducing careless mistakes
  • Practise exam-type and challenging questions and apply the learnt strategies immediately

Solidify Your Child's Academic Foundation In Math And Science With Our 

Marks Accelerator Programme!

Here's What We're Covering In This 4-Day Content-Packed Programme & How It Can Benefit Your Child:

  • Intensive Revision Of The Most Commonly Tested Math & Science Topics

They represent 80% of the entire Math or Science school examination papers and doing well in these heavily weighted topics will ensure your child's As in exams.

  • Learn The Simple 4-Step S.O.L.V.E. And 3-Step A.B.C. Techniques That Students Have Used To Improve Their Exam Grade From Cs to Bs And Even As!

Every child will be able to learn and apply these techniques to solve the most common and even higher order Math & Science questions. We teach your child how to fine-tune their answers to the examination setters' expectations.

  • At Least 4 Sets Of Comprehensive And Effective Learning Materials And Practice Papers:

Your child will be able to apply the techniques immediately and practise them on the different exam-type of questions instantly. (Your child can reuse these questions in PSLE year again)

  • Dedicated, Experienced Ex-MOE Teachers

Our teachers taught in MOE schools for at least 5 years and have marked PSLE papers before. Many of them have taught in top schools before. They are able to identify common weaknesses and strengthen the needed skills and concepts to score for examinations. Your child can raise any questions at any time and our teachers will sure eliminate any doubt instantly. 

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Marks Accelerator Programme That Can Help Your Child Score 10 - 15 Marks More In His Next Exams ! 

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  • Eliminate Careless Mistakes With Our Secret Recipe Of Self-Checking Strategies And Time Management Skills

Getting rid of carelessness can be as easy as ABCs when your child learns how to 'cover all grounds' in the examination papers with our secret recipe of self-checking strategies.

And Many More Other Exam Techniques... (too many to mention in detail)

Topic Coverage

Early Preparation Is Key To Success!

[RESULTS] Here's What Parents & Students Who Have Attended Our

Marks Accelerator Programme Said:

(And Why it Works!)

"My Child Failed Her SA1 And Lost Confidence In Math ... 

Jumped Grade From F to B, Improving by 21 Marks In 2 Months!"

"I knew that my child needed extra help in Math as she had failed her SA1 and started to lose confidence. I heard many good reviews about Bluetree and signed my child up. Teacher Faith also helped me to understand about the demands of Upper Primary Math exam and it gave me an insight into PSLE Math too. 

Teacher Faith was very patient in teaching my child and me the S.O.L.V.E technique and instantly, my daughter could solve 3 problem sums correctly. She was smiling very happily and was confident to use the same method on more challenging problem sums. 

After 2 months with BlueTree, she jumped grade from fail to a B, improving by 21 marks! "

Mdm Shamala, mother of P6 girl

The S.O.L.V.E Technique Is Unbelievably Easy And Effective To Use... 

Helped Me To Score 15 More Marks For SA2!

Before I came to BlueTree, I will always give up on doing problem sum section. They are difficult and often I don’t know how to solve them. Very often, I have to ask my mother for help and she will spend hours coaching me and sometimes, we cannot solve the problem sum.

When Teacher Faith taught me the S.O.L.V.E technique, I did not believe it will work because problem sums are really very hard. But I found the method very easy and effective, even on challenging problem sums. I was very happy that I could solve 2 challenging problem sums within 10 minutes and felt very encouraged. 

After 10 lessons with Teacher Faith, I improved Math  by 15 marks and achieved a A grade for SA2. Teacher Faith is indeed a very good Math teacher and her techniques are truly amazing. 

Iann Tan (65 marks to 82 marks)

Nanyang Primary

Marcus was having problems in Math in Primary 5. He failed his Maths Exam in CA1 with a Score of 49%. When he attended the SA2 Marks Accelerator Programme, he was quite reluctant as he has been to a number of tuition centres. He was pleasantly surprised how easy SOLVE technique was and what’s better, he really enjoyed the

4-day programme.

Thereafter, he consistently applied the techniques learnt on his Math work and scored 76% in SA2 exams, improving by 27 marks! That’s the highest he has gotten for Primary 5 and it really motivated him to want to do better in P6.

Mrs Sharon Ong, Mother Of P5 Student, Holy Innocents' Pri

Consistent Practice Using SOLVE Techniques, Gain Confidence And Score A In Math SA2!

Fantastic Teaching And Effective Programme!

My son, Kayden, has problems understanding Science concepts and solving Maths problem sums since start of Primary 4. It was very difficult for us to help him at home as we are unsure of the content.

When he attended the 4-day SA2 marks accelerator programme, he was hoping to learn some good techniques and clear his doubts over some concepts. And he did! Teacher Faith & Jo were very patient to guide him through, explaining the different techniques and how to use them on different types of questions.

He became much more confident and thereafter, he improved by 10 marks for Science and 12 marks for Math in SA2. We were not surprised by the marks improvement because Kayden has really transformed into a motivated learner! Thank you Faith & Jo for the fantastic teaching!

Mrs Agnes Koh, Parent of P4 Student, Pei Hwa Presbyterian

Powerful And Effective Exam Techniques Taught To GEP Students That Can Give Your Child An "Unfair Advantage" In Exams!

Hi!  We are from BlueTree Education. Some of you might recognize us as the former Gifted Education teacher and teachers of Raffles Girls Primary School (RGPS), Maris Stella and Rosyth School. We have a combined of more than 40 years of teaching and each of us have at least taught for 10 years. We have personally helped hundreds of students excel in Science and Mathematics of different ages. We’ve also coached hundreds of students in achieving at least an A in PSLE Science and Math.

Currently  BlueTree Education Learning Centre is an award winning education centre which specializes in Math and Science. We are an MOE-registered brand that has helped over 500 students over 24 schools, like Nanyang primary, MGS, SCGS, ACS, Horizon, Nan Chiau and Rosyth. We’ve helped various Gifted Education & mainstream students to achieve improvements of 10 marks or more and even from fail to A grade!

We’re able to achieve these amazing results for our students because of our holistic approach in developing a child. One of the approaches is in creating a happy and conducive environment for the students so that they dare to ask questions and are not afraid to make mistakes.

To date, many of our students enjoy learning Science and Math and managed to score A for PSLE even when they were average at these subjects previously. There are skills we adapted from our NIE training and MOE teaching background into a unique teaching pedagogy that can be adaptable to each and every child’s learning needs. 

Programme Details

March Marks Accelerator Programme Schedule

We want to focus fully on each child so we will only limit 12 children per class. Register early to avoid disappointment.

Registration has already begun!

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Marks Accelerator Programme That Can Help Your Child Score 10 - 15 Marks More In His Next Exam ! 


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Do Not Go For The Next Exams Without 

Learning These

Powerful Techniques!

Copyright © BlueTree Education   2017 All Rights Reserved.

Having helped more than 800 gifted education and mainstream students over 38 schools achieve improvements of 10 marks or more and even from fail to A grade, we have developed easy-to-understand techniques that any child can use to effectively analyse a Math problem sum or Science Open-Ended question and solve it correctly in 5 minutes.


The best part?

Because of the fun nature of these techniques…

Your child will be transformed! He will enjoy learning more and be more willing to try out challenging questions, pick out the important key points in a flash and solve the questions with speed and precision. He will not only be able to catch up in class, but also easily learn faster than his peers!

Using our signature S.O.L.VE and A.B.C will easily help your child score 10 marks & above for their SA2 without memorising long and complicated solutions and without a near-perfect command of English. What this also means:

• NO MORE late night revision and hours of practice that do not work

• NO MORE nagging and unhappy conversations about PSLE with your child

• NO MORE phobia and frustration with BLANK paper

Register below to find out more about how you can equip your child with proven and effective exam strategies that has worked for over 800 students

Or SMS Us At 92711490

Marks Accelerator  Programme That Can Help Your Child Score 10 - 15 Marks More In His Next Exam ! 

(Only 12 Children Per Class)