Primary Math Tuition

Primary Math Tuition Programmes

At BTELC, we offer Primary Math Tuition which will cover the latest MOE syllabus and bring about engaged learning in Mathematics.

Our in-house specially designed materials focus on helping the students to build a strong foundation in logic and numeracy and excel in their school examinations. Our curriculum engages the 21st century students fully with differentiated pedagogies and challenging problems. Mathematical concepts are learnt using our unique teaching and learning strategies and signature techniques (S.O.L.V.E).

It is suitable for any student who wants to achieve a certain level of mastery in Mathematics and wants a meaningful curriculum. It also enables students to acquire the necessary Mathematical concepts and skills and develop good cognitive and metacognitive skills.

At Blue Tree Education Learning Centre, we believe in equipping our students with critical thinking skills and Maths is a subject that logic and reasoning can be imparted. We ensure that the students will attain competence in Mathematics that can serve them well later in life and stretch their fullest potential.

Class Activities

Engaging and meaningful class activities on various mathematical concepts and skills, using a variety of methods e.g. technology and manipulatives


Lower, Middle, Upper Primary: 120 minutes


In addition to the MOE-syllabus based content, our advanced Primary Math Tuition and Enrichment programme sets your child’s math foundation right by ensuring every Mathematical concept is explored using our unique teaching and learning strategies and signature techniques (S.O.L.V.E)

Our curriculum is designed to enable students to achieve academic excellence, as well as acquire relevant problem-solving and mathematical thinking skills for life through sense-making.

Please download a PDF copy of our BTELC Programmes Overall 2017 Class Schedule Primary Math Tuition.

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